Bronx ADA Jennifer Troiano, who is facing DWI charges after an accident on the Major Deegan Expressway last summer, was allegedly "treated like a queen" and given preferential treatment after her arrest. According to the Daily News' sources, Troiano stayed on a couch in a "police lounge" equipped with a television, and "bragged to cops about how much she drank" at a colleague's party that night. "That guy came out of nowhere!" Troiano allegedly yelled, referring to one of the other drivers who was involved in the accident.

Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne disputed the account that Troiano was held in a lounge with a TV, telling the paper that her method of detention was consistent with department policy: "When a prisoner may be at risk from other prisoners, he or she is separated from them." Troiano is currently still working for the city in the Appeals Bureau.

Last summer's incident may not have been the attorney's first brush with drunk driving: in 2009 she reportedly used her status as a city attorney to escape a DUI arrest in the Bronx. During her arrest last summer, Troiano told the arresting officer (who claims he was punished for making the arrest) to contact the Bronx narcotics bureau chief, saying "He'll take care of this. He took care of it last time." An internal investigation of the NYPD's rampant ticket-fixing scandal has tainted the credibility of many officers and led to high profile acquittals, which Troiano surely has to hope for given the luck of Bronx ADA Stephen Lopresti, who was set free after his attorneys attacked the credibility of the officers involved with his arrest.