All Adam Hock wanted was to chill with his crew at Meatpacking District club Double Seven, savoring a $500 bottle of vodka and the company of fashion models Natasha Poly, Valentina Zalyaeva and Anja Rubik. But fate had different plans for Hock on Saturday morning, and he wound up in jail after punching out the prince of Monaco and his entourage in a bloody brawl. Now Hock's charged with assault, and he may have to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder!

"I am concerned these guys will make my life difficult,” Hock tells the Post in a lengthy interview outside his doctor's office. "I imagine they are sitting with their parents strategizing how to destroy me. I am getting married in June. I want to start a family. I don’t want enemies like this." There are wildly differing accounts of what started the fight early Saturday morning. Hock and his friends say the Prince Pierre Casiraghi and his friends were jealous of the models seated at Hock's prime table, and started harassing them and helping themselves to their precious $500 Grey Goose.

"They teased, they harassed, and finally, they assaulted and he had to defend himself and the women he was with," Hock's attorney tells the Daily News. "They threw the first punch. They were touching the girls, grabbing them the way Europeans feel they can touch whatever woman they want in New York. They think New York is their honeycomb. They think they can come here and do whatever they want." Dang foreigners with their royal sense of entitlement! We don't cotton to that here in classless America! Just ask Post columnist Andrea Peyser, who was not at Double Seven Saturday morning, but that can't stop her from judging:

Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful. Hate Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi because he’s insanely wealthy, spoiled like yesterday’s pot roast, wears something called an ascot around his neck, and considers “work” a four-letter obscenity. He also fights like a sissy...

Owner Jeffrey Jah sat with Adam Hock, 47, the former owner of the now-defunct downmarket Times Square club Hawaiian Tropic Zone, and hairdresser-to-the-stars Joel Warren. Plus, a trio of Russian and/or Slavic models whose names are too complicated to spell. Casiraghi apparently failed to notice Hock was nearly twice his age and about double his willowy build. Or maybe he didn’t care. For this is a guy who does not recognize the meaning of a two-letter word familiar to toddlers everywhere: “no.”

Casiraghi & Crew proceeded to taunt Hock and his party, while doubtless violating city health codes by scooping bottles of overpriced vodka from the table and trading swigs with unprotected lips. It was at this point that Hock had enough.

According to Hock, someone hit him on the back as he was trying to leave the scene, and he fought back in self-defense. But party promoter Nima Yamini, who was in the club, says Hock "went nuts" and attacked the prince and his friends without provocation. Sources tell the Post that Casiraghi's jaw was broken in the fight. A "source close to model Jessica Hart," who was part of the prince's entourage that night, says Casiraghi wasn't jealous of the models at Hock's table.

"[Hock] totally attacked them," the source tells the News. "It seemed like Adam couldn't control his rage. He was going around punching everyone. They had Jessica Hart and models at their table. They weren't jealous. Jessica is a big-time model." So far Hock is the only one charged with any wrongdoing, and police are currently reviewing surveillance camera footage from the club. But let's agree that most of the people involved in this story probably deserved a punch in the face, one way or another. Except the models! Thank heavens the models were unharmed. (Here are photos of the models.)