Harlem residents are relieved this morning now that power has been restored to them after many hours without electricity. Around 10 p.m. last night, a number of high voltage underground feeder lines failed on 140th Street near 7th Avenue, according to WCBS 2, which adds, "Police were on scene with streetlights and the Office of Emergency Management was also there helping residents cope with the heat." Con Ed is working to "install a temporary above-ground line" while the underground feeder lines are repaired.

The residents were frustrated, noting, "We're out here without power and on the streets" and "No air conditioning…food is spoiling, cell phones - can't even charge them, so can't call out. [But] it's way cooler out here than it is in the apartment."

Power was back this morning, but many resident worried about rotting food. One said to WABC 7, "It's going to be a catastrophe, because it's hard enough now with the economy as it is, and now you're going to be losing food? And there's no guarantee that anybody's going to be able to recoup their money in time to feed their families."