If you're honored by Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bratton at the NYPD's Medal Day ceremony, you'd probably celebrate afterward. But one cop apparently took things a too little far: According to the Daily News, Police Officer Eugene Donnelly, hours later, was "sport[ing] only his underwear when found in a stranger’s Bronx apartment. The polluted policeman, a four-year veteran, allegedly roughed up the female resident during the June 10 bender — and officials say he was too blotto to recognize his whereabouts."

Donnelly, 27, was commended for his actions in 2012 in stopping a gunman while he was off-duty. He received the "Combat Cross" which the NYPD says is "The Department’s second highest award...bestowed for extraordinary acts of heroism while engaged in personal struggle with an armed adversary under circumstances of imminent personal hazard." You can see him receiving the medal at about the 41:25 mark:

The News reports:

After the ceremony, he hit the town hard before crashing at a pal’s Woodlawn pad. At some point after the party ended, Donnelly wandered out of the residence wearing only his briefs — and then couldn’t find his way home.

He instead wound up in another apartment on the same floor of the building, sources said. It was unclear how he wound up inside the wrong home, but the woman who lived there was soon upset.

“He has an encounter with a female, and she claims he roughed her up,” the source said. “He was in his underwear when this happened.”

The source also said, "He was apparently drinking. He was celebrating."

Donnelly was stripped of his badge and gun, but his lawyer told the News, "The case is in the beginning of the investigation. When a thorough investigation has been completed, it will be obvious that my client engaged in no criminal wrongdoing." The Bronx DA's office is still determining whether to bring charges against him.