Betsy Perry has resigned from the city's Committee on Women's Issues after her ill-advised post on the Huffington Post last week. Perry, a marketing consultant who was appointed to the panel by Mayor Bloomberg, had written about Mexico's bad rap, "Between the guns, drugs, kidnappings and swine flu, this poor country can't catch a break and, maybe it shouldn't." CityRoom has Perry's statement, which reads: "Rather than become a distraction to Mayor Bloomberg, I think it best if I resign from the Women’s Commission. I have enjoyed the work and the many fine friends I made and continue to be a great fan of the mayor’s and the wonderful work he has done for our city." While Bloomberg had called her remarks "inappropriate," he didn't outright fire her from the unpaid position, prompting criticism from mayoral hopeful City Comptroller Bill Thompson, who writes on his Facebook page, "[The] Mayor should have acted more swiftly to remove Betsy Perry from the NYC Committee on Women's Issues after her insensitive remark." (Thompson also held a rally outside the Mexican consulate over the issue.)