Last night, a man who had been driving an ATV in the Bronx was fatally shot by a police officer. According to WABC 7, the shooting occurred "near Edson Avenue and Boston Road in Baychester. An officer from Westchester County chased the man from Pelham Manor into the Bronx, after spotting him on the 4-wheeler." Witnesses say the victim, Wardell Johnson, 43, had been in a "violent struggle" with the cop.

Apparently Johnson had bought the ATV in Connecticut for his son and was driving it home to Harlem. The Daily News reports that the Westchester cop "tried to pull him over in Westchester County about 6 p.m... The pursuit continued into the Bronx, where the yellow ATV ran out of gas near Baychester Ave., cops and witnesses said. That's when the Harlem mechanic hopped off the unregistered ATV and ran away, cops and witnesses said."

The cop reportedly tried to subdue Johnson with his expandable baton and Mace in the backyard of a house on Edson, but ultimately shot him. WPIX adds, "Police are speculating that the man may have attempted to take the police officer's gun."

Johnson's father told the News, "He never owned a gun. I can't see no reason shooting him." The News also reports, "Johnson has prior arrests that include DWI, possession of marijuana and driving without a license."