111108pitbull.jpgA stray pit bull attacked a pregnant woman yesterday morning as she sold newspapers beneath an elevated subway station in the Bronx. According to the Post, the wild dog lunged at 32-year-old Nogotaly Meite, an immigrant from the Ivory Coast, around 8:30 a.m., sinking its teeth into her left ankle. Her cries of "Help me! Help me!" were heard by good Samaritan Johnny Hernandez, who tells 1010 WINS that he "put the dog on the ground and put my knee on his neck...I repeatedly punched it in the snout...at which point it released." Apparently, it then attacked and bit the left hand of NYPD Transit Officer Mike Stone, who shot the dog dead. Meite was taken to the hospital and given stitches; the Times notes that the incident "left the sidewalk on East Tremont Avenue stained with a four-foot trail of blood, leaves and newspapers."