Back in 2010, NYPD officer Shemalisca Vasquez accused a lieutenant in the Transit Task Force where she worked of wanton sexual harassment. According to Vasquez, Lt. Ruben Caban exposed himself to her at work and, as if that wasn't enough, deluged her with photos of penises, women fellating penises, one of a penis next to banana with the message "Take a look and compare size" and other suggestive sexts like "I wish was was strapped to ur leg after seeing you in those tights. LOL." Now, two years later, Vasquez has filed a $30 million sexual harassment suit.

"She was subjected to a hostile work environment and looks forward to her day in court," Vasquez's lawyer, Eric Sanders, told the News of the filing. According to the suit, Vasquez wasn't just subjected to meat-and-greets from her superior as well as dirty pictures and messages, but also repeatedly offered "sex in exchange for preferred assignments and signing her requests for days off."

In 2010 Vasquez's claims were investigated by both the Bronx district attorney and NYPD's internal affairs but no criminal charges were filed. At the time, the Internal Affairs investigation particularly upset Vasquez, as when she went in for a meeting with them, she discovered "a refrigerator magnet of a monkey eating a banana in the office of the Bronx IAB's commanding officer where she was being interviewed." Never trust someone with a banana magnet.