shirtless in snowGothamist doesn't want to get everyone too excited, but we may have almost bottomed out on the cold weather. By this time next week we expect the temperature to be back to normal. The normal high temperatures for this time of year are in the upper-40s. Before then we are likely to contend with another storm similar to Tuesday's. Right now it looks like we'll be on the southwestern edge of the storm, but if the storm moves a little west of what is expected we may get a couple of inches of snow tomorrow night. Until then expect a few flurries tonight and tomorrow, maybe mixing with rain tomorrow afternoon.

The Times pointed out this morning, the transition from Winter to Spring often involves huge swings in weather. This year is carrying on that cruel tradition. We have been keeping track of our daily temperatures and noticed that Tuesday's high was 10 degrees above normal while our low that day was 15 degrees below normal. As the Daily News reports, the cold, snowy weather didn't stop at least one woman from walking around shirtless on Tuesday. With the departure of the Gates Gothamist is hoping this new form of public art catches on.