SUNY Oneonta, which recently achieved notoriety for having one of the the worst coronavirus outbreak of any college in the country, is moving to suspend two students after administrators identified two students in a photo that was allegedly taken at a recent off-campus party.

At least five students have already been suspended for throwing parties.

"The college is drafting charges against these students now to include immediate suspension and will act quickly to suspend any student whose reckless behavior endangers the health and welfare of our campus or the Oneonta community," said President Barbara Morris, in a statement issued Monday.

"We have zero tolerance for this type of irresponsible and unsafe behavior and will always pursue this immediate action in the spirit of the overwhelming number of SUNY Oneonta students who followed safety protocols and lost out on a semester on campus because of the behavior of a few."

All told, there have been 680 confirmed cases at SUNY Oneonta, which amounts to more than 10% of the student population. It is the largest number of infections of any college in the state. Following the discovery of more than 500 infections earlier this month, SUNY officials canceled in-person classes for the fall semester and sent students home. It was the first SUNY campus to shut down amid the system's reopenings. Under Governor Andrew Cuomo's order, institutions of higher education that have have more than 100 cases—or 5% of the school—within a 14-day period need to end all in-person learning.

In total, there have been 709 confirmed cases in the entire SUNY system out of nearly 79,000 people tested, according to the state's tracking website. SUNY Oswego recently reported more than 100 cases, but they occurred over a more than two week-period, which meant the school could continue holding classes.

Across the country, universities have been struggling to police college students who are used to socializing but are facing strict restrictions because of the virus. According to the New York Times, there have been more than 88,000 covid cases across nearly 1,200 colleges in the U.S. since the coronavirus crisis began.

The outbreak in Oneonta, which is in Otsego County 80 miles west of Albany, was notable for the size relative to the student body and the fact that New York state as a whole has had one of the lowest infection rates, hovering under or just above 1% for more than two months.

A spokesperson for SUNY did not return Gothamist's request for details about the incident referred to on Monday.

Jim Malatras, a longtime aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo who became SUNY Chancellor at the end of August, issued a terse Cuomo-esque statement on Monday afternoon.

"Enough," he said in a press released titled, "Chancellor Malatras Response to Off Campus SUNY Oneonta Party Captured on Instagram and Facebook Over the Past Weekend."

Malatras also issued another statement on Twitter, saying "We are finalizing a comprehensive, uniform response to address COVID-19 violations on all SUNY campuses." But that was in response to an illegal social gathering at SUNY Brockport, which lies 65 miles east of Buffalo.

On Sunday, SUNY Brockport officials issued an interim suspension of its men's soccer program, including that of six students, over a potential violation of the school's coronavirus policy violations. The week prior, the school had suspended its wrestling team for the same reason.

According to, local police told SUNY Brockport officials about a gathering in the village that "reportedly consisted of over 50 people not wearing masks or social distancing on Saturday evening."

No citations were issued, according to the news site.