Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arrived at JFK Airport this afternoon as part of her quick five-hour visit to NYC and headed to the United Nations, where the Queen addressed the General Assembly. In her remarks, she noted her last visit there was in 1957, "When people in fifty-three years from now look back on us, they will doubtless view many of our practices as old-fashioned. But it is my hope that, when judged by future generations, our sincerity, our willingness to take a lead, and our determination to do the right thing, will stand the test of time." For fun, here's video of her 1957 visit:

Today, she also discussed the "struggle against terrorism" and challenge of "climate change" and paid tribute to leaders, "I have much admiration for those who have the talent to lead, particularly in public service and in diplomatic life - and I congratulate you, your colleagues and your predecessors on your many achievements." You can read her full remarks here.

Her other stops today will be at Ground Zero and at Hanover Square. It's unclear whether she'll be visiting us again—the Royal Family is trying to save money, you know!