Earlier this week, the body of a three-year-old girl was found on a Brooklyn sidewalk. It was later determined that Kyrah Martin had somehow gotten onto her new apartment building's roof and fell four stories to her death. Now the Administration for Children's Service has taken Kyrah's three siblings away from her mother.

Nefertiti Martin went back to the Crown Heights apartment building to light a candle at a shrine. (The Department of Homeless Services had placed her and her children at the Park Place building; the day Kyrah died was their first day there.) While she didn't comment to the Daily News, her brother said of the rooftop door, "The wind could blow that door open. There is no hinge."

The police have called Kyrah's death an accident and Martin's mother questioning why ACS took the other kids; said to the Post, "This is Christmas Day. My daughter doesn't have any of her kids. It's bad enough she lost one child. They are holding onto the rest of the children. She's hurting in so many ways. It's Christmas, and the children aren't even with their parents.