2005_10_talibanheroin.jpgThe U.S. government arraigned Baz Mohammed, the alleged drug kingpin from Afghanistan whose idea of a jihad on America was to put heroin on the streets. The DEA's Karen Tandy said that Mohammed, who was extradited here last week, "now faces what all drug kingpins fear the most — justice in a court in the United States, delivered by an American jury on the very streets of New York that he'd sought to poison." Yes! We need to have a villain behind the supposed bad heroin that's going around! Mohammed has been called the "Pablo Esobar of Asia," but we doubt there will be a Scarface-like movie basd on him. However, one of many dramatic revelations is that Mohammed's drug ring smuggled heroin into Manhattan by stitching bags of drugs into Afghan dress bodices! Unlike most big federal government drug cases, this one will involve the Taliban and terrorist groups, so security downtown at the U.S. District Court will be extra crazy.