In yet another reminder to the city that bikers matter, Transportation Alternatives notes that with the number of New Yorkers riding a bike increasing by 10%, even more bike racks need to be installed. NYC now has about 112,000 bike riders, but only 3,400 bike racks have been installed since 1996; on the other hand, Chicago has "10,000 racks for its 42,000 daily riders." (Newsday) Therefore, until there are more bike racks, Transportation Alternatives is saying that bicyclists need the right to lock their bikes to lightposts, signposts, trees, you name it. Aha! Gothamist sees this as a loophole when people try to fight tickets for locking their bikes to such objects...or as more reason to why the police can't remove locked bikes.

Do you have a hard time finding places to lock your bike? Learn more about the measures Transportation Alternatives is taking to make sure it's easier to bike, walk, and take public transit in the city.