2005_06_seetom.jpgSome single guy has purchased a $20,000 per month billboard at the Midtown Tunnel to help find a wife. Basically, it directs people to go to his website, see-tom (it'll launch at noon)... which makes Gothamist think this is a reverse Jason Mulgrew! The Daily News story on Tom Barrella says that it's not a publicity stunt for the former record executive/ former computer businessman/ current high school teacher and that he really wants to find someone. Yeah, and after he finds someone, THEN he'll write the book. Gothamist can't really trust anyone who would buy a billboard to find a wife... now, using craiglist or eBay is another story. Plus, isn't he worried that people will just ignore his billboard, because they will think it's about Tom Cruise? And what women are really looking at the Midtown Tunnel's billboards - they are busy putting on their makeup. He should have shelled out for a quality location, like at least the Flatiron Building. Updated: And our friends across the Pond at Londonist remind us that some guy set up a stall to find a lady this June! God, is the new black for men to be freaking out about getting married? Why can't things be back to normal, with just women being worried they won't find someone.

And speaking of splashy ways to bring attention to something and Tom Cuirse, Brooke Shields has an editorial in today's NY Times Op-Ed section. It's her response to Tom Cruise's suggestion that she should have taken vitamins, not prescribed medication, to help her recover from post-partum dpression. You cannot make this stuff up.