Climbing out onto Sixth Avenue; Photo:  James Wagner

Gothamist was wondering if anyone was trapped on a subway during the scary subway explosion and stoppage on Sunday evening for many trains running through the West Village. And it turns out that two people blogged it. bloggy calls it an "unexcellent adventure" and wonders why the media isn't picking up on how it shows NYC is underprepared for an attack. James Wagner has some great photographs of waiting in the subway, climbing out onto the track, and emerging on Sixth Avenue, noting:

When we finally emerged this evening through a small hatch onto the sidewalk in front of Da Silvano, A-list homosexuals were sitting outside in cafe chairs, seemingly unaware of the drama of the past few hours just below their tables, but clearly absorbed in admiring the firemen helping the dazed folks exit from the subterranean ladder. White-aproned waiters offered glasses of ice water to refugees from the underworld.

Today, Newsday does write about how after putting $591 million into counter terrorism efforts, the MTA's system can be put in jeopardy. The consensus from officials is that even though more police officers are stationed, there is only so much that can be done. And the man who caused the explosion with some debris, Bonergy Quelal, was arrested last night. Sadly, it's not surprising that Quelal had a long history of incidents.