Betty and Bob Matas, along with cab driver Doulgas Guldeniz, are well on their near-cross-country trek to Sedona, Arizona from Forest Hills. And not only are the Matases' cats Cleopatra and Pretty Face along for the ride, so is Daily News reporter Peter Donohue! We hope that Ford Escape taxi is big enough for everyone - apparently Cleo and Pretty Face hate each other.

The Daily News had the charming story about the trio on Sunday: Guldeniz agreed to drive the 70-something Matases to Arizona from Queens for $3,000. (The Matases didn't want to fly because they were worried about their cats, and the Matases themselves don't drive.) On Tuesday, the caravan took off. Betty Matas can't understand why the media loves the story so much: "I've heard of this happening with rock stars, but we're an average couple." Aw, she's so cute.

Guldeniz tells the News that he was interviewed by a major newspaper in his native Turkey. And we just found out that Domino's is offering him its version of Brooklyn Style Pizza for free when he comes back. Domino's, we like the spirit of your offer ("We applaud Mr. Guldeniz’s willingness to go above and beyond to deliver for the Matas family, and we wanted to do a little something for him to say thanks."), but your Brooklyn style pizza is not that great, okay? [Related: Domino's Brooklyn style pizza ads]

Donohue reports that Clinton Station Diner off I-78 in NJ is the best find so far. And other drivers on the road are surprised to see a NYC yellow cab so far south.


Photographs by Tina Fineberg/AP - there's another sweet one of Bob Matas with a cat after the jump