2007_06_stweie.jpgIf it's almost the end of the school year, it must be time for another story about grown-ups freaking out about messages in high school yearbooks. Staten Island claims the first of these stories, as the Staten Island Advance reports that one senior's inscription scared a parents and prompted an investigation at Staten Island Tech:

In the space reserved to say thanks to friends and family and often to leave school on a lighthearted note, senior Samantha Endrom thanked her parents for their love and support before turning her attention to her friends.

"You guys have been the best thing to ever happen to me, and the memories we've made will last forever, or until I forget," she wrote. "In return, I promise to make your deaths quick and painless come the revolution. Unless someone else beats me to it."

Of course, some adults didn't immediately register the attribute Endrom left for the quote - it's from "The Family Guy" (Stewie says it) - but ultimately decided that no action needed to be taken. A history teacher the quote was ironic while a man at Endrom's home said the complaints were "small-minded." A classmate wrote something about it on LiveJournal. And yes, the Department of Education is wondering how the quote got through, but let's face it, crazy quotes will always come through. Our favorite from our senior year high school yearbook: "Some people say high school was the best years of their lives. They didn't go to my high school."

Last year, high schoolers at Hunter had their yearbook pulled because of the offensive jokes placed near student club photos.