2005_09_spanky.jpgGothamist can't imagine that being a high school basketball coach is all that easy, but does it mean you should be spanking your 16 year old players? By laying them across the lap? Oof. Drew Sanders pleaded guilty yesterday to "forcible touching" and will be placed on the sex offender list. Sanders lives in New Sprinville, Staten Island, and was accused to making the players strip off their shorts and underwear to be spanked either with his hand or with a ping-pong paddle at Susan Wagner High School and the Jewish Community Center in Staten Island. Sanders will get six years probation.

And US Weekly Hot Stuff columnist Timothy McDarrah was arrested for soliciting a 13 year old girl on the Internet, a girl who was created by an FBI sting team using craigslist to find pedophiles. McDarrah used his mother's AOL account and tried to coerce the girl into meeting him by promising her clothes, CDs, an iPod, etc. Naturally, US Weekly did the only thing it could do: Suspend him without pay. Gawker has the U.S. Attorney's statement on the case.