An adult film actress claims in a $12 million lawsuit that her ex-boyfriend, classical violinist David Garrett—whom ClassicFM once described as the "long-haired violin virtuoso that blurred the lines between Mozart and Metallica"—sexually and emotionally assaulted her, and forced her to drink his urine.

Porn actress Ashley Youdan, who also goes by the name Kendall Karson, says that she and Garrett dated from August 2014 to February 2016. Garrett, who was described as the "David Beckham of the violin" by the Telegraph in 2011, apparently proposed to her days after meeting her, and the two soon moved in together into Garrett's Manhattan apartment. The 28-year-old Youdan soon became part of Garrett's support team, and he repeatedly asked her to quit the porn industry "so that they could attempt to have a healthy relationship" and she would be available to come with him on tour and attend to his needs.

After she did so, she claims his "behavior began to take a dark turn for the worse," with Garrett seeking out "sex slaves" on Craigslist and increasingly pushing Youdon into undesired sexual encounters, culminating in an incident in January 2015 when Garrett allegedly held Youdan down and forced her to drink his urine. "Despite Plaintiff’s struggle to get away, Defendant pressed down on Plaintiff’s throat so that she would have to swallow any urine in her mouth," the lawsuit states.

Youdan was diagnosed with Vaginitis, kidney stones and Pyelonephritis soon after, and the lawsuit claims her "diagnosis was determined to be a likely result of the urine incident." Youdan then began to fear Garrett's "volatile emotional and psychological state," especially after she learned he "had engaged in [sex] with transsexual pornography actors and escorts." She adds that he later forced her to have "extremely rough" sex with him, "consequently bruising and fracturing Plaintiff’s ribs."

Youdan is seeking $12 million for her "physical, emotional and psychological injuries." Garrett’s lawyer, Brian Maas, told the NY Post that the allegations were "outrageous and baseless," and added that "We have not received any lawsuit from Youdan, though her willingness to publicly level these meritless charges fits with a pattern of behavior of someone who has made numerous threats to David."