Not that we condone stealing or anything, but it's sort of easy to see where this guy is coming from: a Long Island man was arrested this week for allegedly stealing a Rottweiler puppy from a local pet rescue store, and the puppy in question is just the cutest.

Cops say Justin Geiger, 23, walked into Friends of Freddie Pet Rescue in Middle Island on Tuesday and inquired after the 10-week-old puppy, asking if he was microchipped. An employee told him the puppy was not, so he allegedly broke in that night and stole the little guy.

Luckily, employees were able to give the cops a description of the perpetrator, the pup was recovered and Geiger was arrested at his nearby home on Wednesday; he was arraigned yesterday and pleaded not guilty to burglary charges.

Meanwhile, the puppy—nicknamed "Handcuff" by the police—is back at the pet rescue, and an employee there told us a lot of people have been inquiring about him for adoption. "He became very popular very quickly," she said. The pet rescue opened earlier this month, and currently has about 80 cats and dogs up for adoption, the majority of which come from kill shelters in the area.