The NYPD hasn't been handed much good PR these days, but at least cops are winning points with the kittehs. Earlier this month, two Queens cops rescued a kitten that was trapped under a car hood, and now the sweet feline's found a happy home with one of the cops' neighbors.

The then-unnamed cat got stuck under the hood of a Honda in Kew Gardens on August 1st, and neighbors who heard the trapped kitty mewing called Officers Marisol Torres and Chris Bergin to help rescue it. The cops were able to unlock the car using a Slim Jim (not beef jerky), and got the kitty out of the hood; had the car's owner turned on the engine with the cat inside, the poor animal likely would not have survived.

Now, the feline has a new family—one of Bergin's neighbors adopted it—and a new name, KJ. KJ's cheerful ending marks the second Happy Kitteh story this week, after news broke about a cat named Gizmo surviving a 12-story fall from a Midtown apartment yesterday.