Aww, remember Kameron Slade, the adorable 5th grader who wasn't allowed to give a speech on gay marriage at his school until the media caught wind of it? Well, the tyke is still giving his heartfelt stump speech, only now to people with more authority than a elementary school children.

Slade spoke before the City Council yesterday (before it went and approved NYU's expansion plans) and was apparently quite the star there. "I’m getting married on Saturday, in three days, to my partner of 13 and a half years," Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer told the boy. "When I saw you on TV, I thought you were the most courageous and wonderful young man I’ve ever seen."

After giving his speech to the council—which they could have just as easily seen on YouTube where it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in various places—Kameron told the council that he had been disappointed when he wasn't allowed to give his speech, but pleased with the attention he got—especially with the chance to deliver his speech for an audience like the Council. "I felt very confident when I was doing it," he said. "I feel honored because not many people get to do this."