An adorable goldendoodle (that's a golden retriever mixed with a poodle, for dog noobs) named Lucy is at the center of an ugly Brooklyn divorce battle that's getting more ridiculous by the day. Here's what happening:

Susan McCarthy and James O'Hanlon, who own the Greenwich Village restaurant Agave, are getting a divorce. They have an 18-year-old daughter named Slaney. O'Hanlon's sister, Margaret Healy, who lives in Brooklyn Heights, says that she's been taking care of Lucy for the past two years, ever since McCarthy and Slaney moved out of their Long Island home and left the dog behind. “They walked out and never came back for the dogs,” Healy told The Post, adding to the Daily News that she's become "surgically attached" to the pup and even got Lucy licensed under her name.

Now, McCarthy and Slaney want Lucy back, and they're allegedly taking some drastic measures: Healy says McCathy has left "hateful, intimidating" voicemails demanding the dog's return, and accuses her sister-in-law and niece of trying to chase her off the road in an SUV. But Slaney has a different story: "It's just my father trying to get me in the middle of his divorce...I just want my dog back," said the teen, who had Lucy microchipped in her name three years ago and says Healy was only taking care of the dog until she returned from boarding school.

Healy filed papers in court in Brooklyn yesterday asking to be named as Lucy's sole owner, a restraining order against Slaney and her McCarthey, and $500,000 in damages. Healy's lawyer says that the case will probably come down to "what's best for the dog," and not the bitter people wrapped up in what could be the most convoluted divorce of the year.