Well, this is just gosh-darn precious: a chubby beagle named Sammy saved his family from a late-night fire that broke out in their basement.

Sammy, a nine-year-old pooch, was the only one who woke up when an electrical fire broke out around 3 a.m. in the Annadale home Laura Garcia shares with her husband and four children. Sammy barked, barked, and eventually broke down the door to Garcia's bedroom to wake her ("He’s a fat beagle — I still don’t know how he got into our bedroom," said Garcia). Upon waking Garcia, Sammy promptly parked himself under her bed, but Garcia grabbed her family and Sammy and fled from the blaze, which took 60 FDNY firefighters about half an hour to bring under control.

"He could have just went under the bed like any other dog," said Garcia’s 11-year-old son Andre. "But he saved us."