Two more teens were charged in connection to the robbery and fatal strangulation of a Chinese newspaper executive in Queens. According to the Daily News, "Jay-Quel Merkerson and Bryce Newton, both 16, were hit with various counts after both were spotted in David Kao's stolen Lexis SUV after he was slain"—Merkerson for possession of stolen property and Newton for unlawful use of a stolen vehicle. The Post says that a 15-year-old was also charged with possession of stolen property. Currently, Corey Azor, 16, and Chris Levy, 17, were charged with Kao's murder and are being held without bail. Azor and Levy, along with a third teen Keron Wiltshire (who was charged with possession of stolen property—Kao's SUV), allegedly attacked and robbed another Asian man in May; Queens DA Richard Brown said, "While all three defendants are accused of preying on Asian men to rob, two of the defendants are charged with a senseless and brutal crime that, by their own alleged actions, shows a complete disregard for human life. This case will be vigorously prosecuted.”