Two years after he was pulled over on DWI charges for weaving in his lane and tapping his brakes on the West Side Highway, Adam Clayton Powell IV's trial is finally getting started. Authorities played a tape of the Harlem political scion inside Manhattan's 28th Precinct after his March 2008 arrrest that shows Powell repeatedly changing his mind about taking a second breathalyzer test, then appearing to pass several sobriety tests in which officers asked him to touch his nose, balance on one leg, and walk a straight line.

The long-delayed trial comes after police pulled over Powell with his girlfriend passed out in the backseat. He blew a .07 (the legal limit is .08) in a breathalyzer administered in the field, but an officer on the scene said he only blew a short breath, potentially throwing off his score. For that, officers brought him to the stationhouse, where video shows him taking several balance tests before mulling over a breath second test, which he eventually refused. Officers then informed him he would be brought before a judge. "I gotta wait to see the judge?" he asked, according to the Post. "You gotta be kidding. I'll take the test. I'll take the test. I'll take the test." According to the Times, an officer responded: "It's a little too late."

Powell—who was twice accused of sexual assault in 2004—is facing misdemeanor charges. If found guilty, it's unlikely he'll be sent to jail or kicked out of the Assembly, according to NY1.