Now that everyone in the city is convinced that their new clothes are filled with the bloodsucking critters, the city's bed bugs are setting their sights on ad firms. Ad agency Euro RSCG Worldwide shut down on Friday after finding bed bugs in five offices in their building on 350 Hudson Street. A spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), "We prefer to take absolutely no chances with the health and safety of our employees. Therefore, we decided to close and exterminate the entire office out of an abundance of caution."

Meanwhile, Victoria's Secret has been inspecting locations across Manhattan after an "isolated area" of their Lenox Hill location was found to be infested on Wednesday. The store reopened a day later after extermination, and a spokeswoman said, "We immediately took action to resolve the situation."

After infestations in Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch stores, and a triage room at Kings County Hospital, exterminators say their phones have been ringing off the hook. And they're sick of it! Gil Bloom, vice president of Standard Pest Management in Long Island City, said the growing number of infestations just have to do with the warm weather, which are causing the bugs to reproduce faster. But he says, "From a professional standpoint, and other bedbug experts would agree, we're sick of bedbugs. We hate bedbugs. Give us something with a little more detective work." Now termites; there's an infestation with some meat to it.