Hold on a moment: Con Edison, our city's electricity utility, who had originally blamed the Department of Transportation for the the stray voltage that caused a dog to be fatally electrocuted on a Brooklyn sidewalk, now admits it was at fault. Con Ed's claim that the DoT removed a street lamp years ago without telling them didn't hold when it turned out the city did contact them about turning off the power line. Mayor Bloomberg said, "One of the things about Con Ed, which is a wonderful company and they have good billing facilities, if there had been, they would have billed us." Oh, snap! Naturally, Danny Kapilian, whose dog died earlier this week, is looking for a lawyer and is angry at Con Ed:

"I never cease to be amazed when it comes to the way that government and bureaucracies fail to communicate properly, the end result of which puts the public at risk. It doesn't ease my pain — my dog has still died. But I appreciate that this has come to light."

What happened to the work that Con Ed was supposed to do after Jodie Lane's death? Have they really been working on getting rid of the "hot zones"? It's been two years (almost one and a half since the settlement) - we know the city is big, but especially with winter weather, you'd think this would be more of a priority, versus finding ways to blame others.

And reader lia suggests that dog owners whose dogs refuse to wear boots check out Musher's Secret.