It's hard to win when you are accused by a 60-something-year-old couple of abusing their dog. But alas, that is the situation actor Gerard Butler is currently in. Yesterday news came out that a greyhound belonging to the couple encountered Butler and his pug on the street. The pug was unleashed, and the greyhound was leashed.

The couple, Maria and Fred Vareckas, admit their dog growled upon the encounter, but say they had "complete control" the entire time. While Butler spent the evening at the vet getting his pug patched up, the couple told the Post that their greyhound "didn't touch the dog." But if he did, Butler's friends say that the vet noted how such attacks were "common when [greyhounds] retired because these dogs are trained on small animals," and it's possible because the pug looks like ... a "fat bunny"?

In the end, the couple maintains that Butler threw their dog against a fence, and Mrs. Vareckas told the paper, "He's not a nice person. I want people to know he's an ass. I don't want anything from him. Maybe he could make a donation to Grateful Greyhounds," a charity where she and her husband both work.