Somehow a simple "dog bites dog" headline has garnered nearly a week of news coverage. Actor Gerard Butler (or his "people" as it were) is refusing to give up any vet records (including a bill) or photos showing his pug Lolita was bit by a Queens couple's greyhound, called Mayfly. The couple says Butler threw their dog against a fence during the incident, and told them it should be "put down." WABC talked to Fred Varecka (Mayfly's owner), and he told them, "[Butler]'s in damage control mode right now to try and protect his image." A few more new details: there were two greyhounds, and Varecka says one of them, "lunged at the pug and barked but my wife had good control of the dogs." When they asked him to leash his pug, Butler walked away and they followed him, and that's when Butler hulked out; "In a matter of seconds he slapped the dogs face, dog went flying up against the fence."