110408bobroberts.jpgTim Robbins made a big stink at the YMCA on West 14th Street this morning when he was told that his name was not on the voter list. According to City Room, Robbins has been voting at the same polling place since 1997, but for some unknown reason, his name was nowhere to be found when he went in this morning. The Times happened upon him sitting in a folding chair looking dejected and annoyed: "The poll workers here know me...The woman said she remembered seeing me here for the primaries."

On Real Time with Bill Maher last month, Robbins seemingly foresaw his fate when he urged thwarted voters to "refuse provisional ballots. They’re throwing those out. They can throw those out. If that’s your last resort, take it, but fight in the polling place to vote. It’s your right as an American." And fight he did, even refusing to move at the behest of a poll worker who threatened to have an officer remove him. "Is this some kind of intimidation? I’m taking this as intimidation," the Tapeheads star reportedly remarked.

After filling out but not submitting an affidavit ballot, Robbins trooped down to the Board of Elections office at 200 Varick Street, where board officials verified that he was a registered voter and a Civil Court judge ruled that he must be allowed to vote. Apparently, at least 40 voters at his polling place had the same problem. Robbins told the the Times, "I have the time and luxury to do this. If this is a systemic thing, what does that mean for the country? Do the math on this one. It bears looking into that this might be a random elimination." His partner, Susan Sarandon, was able to vote without any problems.

Update: TMZ has video of Robbins explaining what happened. He seems really annoyed: