L.A. Confidential star and noted sheep-pig trainer James Cromwell was arrested at a power plant protest in Orange County, New York yesterday morning.

As first reported by The Times Herald-Record of Middletown, Cromwell, 75, was among six protestors arrested at Friday morning's protest outside the Competitive Power Ventures power plant construction site.

Cromwell and about 30 fellow protestors reportedly sat in front of the entrance to the site, and Cromwell led them in a "power to the people!" chant.

He and two other protestors were arrested for blocking the entrance and connecting themselves by metal interlocking devices around their necks—three more were similarly arrested for blocking the entrance and refusing to move.

Protestors say the CPV plant could be toxic to the environment, causing cancer and asthma, and eventually lowering property values in the area. James Cromwell will stop for no cop or cruel pig-hating cat, and don't you ever forget it.