granvilleadams.jpgA judge dropped charges of criminally negligent homicide against Granville Adams when prosecutors said they could not prove their case. Adams was accused of killing Orlando Valle, a married man with a 13-year-old son, at the Chelsea nightclub BED. Adams pushed the man against elevator doors that then opened, and Valle fell down the shaft to his death. Adams was dating the coatcheck girl at BED, who became involved in an argument with a birthday party guest of Valle's. The now-cleared man claimed that he was simply trying to broker a peace in the argument when he was attacked from behind; that is when he and a BED bouncer pushed Valle against the elevator doors.

Granville Adams played Zahir Arif in the HBO prison drama "OZ." WNBC reports that while he was relieved to have the charges against him dropped, Adams said there are only a few things worse than "having someone lose his life in your presence."