The grieving parents of a 10-year-old boy who was struck and killed by an SUV in Brooklyn earlier this week joined with local activists and several elected officials to rally for safer streets on Thursday evening.

“We lost our baby. And he’s not coming back,” the boy’s mother, Mary Farachio, told News 12 Brooklyn at the rally, speaking through tears. She added that she hopes to help “make Brooklyn a safer place for all.”

Farachio’s son, Enzo Farachio, 10, was fatally struck by an out-of-control driver in a Lexus SUV on Tuesday afternoon while waiting at a bus stop on Ocean Avenue, near Avenue L, in Midwood. The driver, a 59-year-old man, had been traveling northbound on Ocean Avenue, but then veered to the right and mounted the sidewalk at Avenue L, hitting Enzo.

PIX 11 reports that the driver's daughter allegedly told police her father had a seizure.

The boy’s father, Angel Farachio, has said his son was waiting to take a city bus home because the boy’s school bus kept leaving without him. “I feel very disappointed with the school,” Farachio told CBS New York, questioning why the bus had left without him.

The tragic crash has quickly become a rallying cry for activists and local politicians seeking to make the city’s streets safer for pedestrians. City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who earlier this year introduced an aggressive “master plan” to improve street safety and remake the city’s transportation infrastructure, addressed mourners and called for action.

“We cannot just give our thoughts and prayers and condolences,” Johnson said at the event.. “They need to be backed up by action.”

Brooklyn Council Member Chaim Deutsch was also at the vigil but declined to pledge support for Johnson’s bill, as Streetsblog notes.

BKYLNER reported that after running the Lexus SUV's license plate number in the "How’s My Driving NY" Twitter bot, it showed "summonses for four school zone speed camera violations. The most recent speeding ticket was given just last month." City Council Member Brad Lander has proposed a bill, the Reckless Driver Act, that would target repeat offenders, allowing the city to boot or impound cars of drivers who rack up five or more red-light and speed camera violations within a year. On his WNYC show this morning, Brian Lehrer asked Mayor Bill de Blasio if he supported Lander's bill.

State Senator Andrew Gounardes has sponsored a bill to seize licenses from reckless drivers—anyone who has three moving violations in one year.

A GoFundMe has been created to raise money for Farachio’s grieving family.