Where to begin with this one: a lawyer and deputy director of the city’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) was arrested this week and charged with impersonating a Staten Island woman online in order to meet women on a lesbian dating website. As if that wasn't bonkers enough, lawyer James O’Hare, 51, was also a high-ranking former military JAG lawyer singled out for criticism for his role overseeing the detention facilities at Abu Ghraib.

The whole strange affair was uncovered after the woman whom O'Hare was impersonating online, whose name is being withheld, started getting calls from "strange solicitors" who got her information from the lesbian dating site. The woman says she was acquainted with O’Hare in college, but has "no relationship whatsoever" with him; yet, O'Hare must have had some grudge, or crush, on her, since he posted her home phone number as well as her picture, and directed persons to call her at home. The woman and police are baffled as to his motive: "She doesn’t know the guy. He just for some reason used her face and info to put up on a lesbian dating site," a source told SILive. The source also added that O'Hare used computers from inside ACS offices for his scheme, and allegedly courted a 15-year-old girl while posing as the victim on the site.

O'Hare was charged with misdemeanor counts of aggravated harassment and criminal impersonation, and the supervising attorney was suspended from ACS without pay. O'Hare, a father of three and a Bronze Star recipient, served in the military police unit responsible for U.S. detention centers in Iraq, including Abu Ghraib. A Pentagon report portrayed his unit as "dysfunctional" and "lackadaisical" in its oversight of the detention facilities; the brigade's Command Judge Advocate singled O'Hare out, saying he, "appears to lack initiative and was unwilling to accept responsibility for any of his actions."