2006_07_acs.jpgThe death of 2 year old Sharllene Morillo was already tragic enough, as it had come from the hands of her stepfather (she was dropped on her head, which led to a brain hemorrhage last week), but now it turns out that her day care provider had contacted the Administration for Children's Services about abuse weeks ago. Gertrudis Acevedo, who took care of Morillo in May, said that the child seemed withdrawn and saw scratches, bite marks, and bruises on the child. While there's some question as to who made the call to ACS (an anonymous tip came in mid-June, but day care providers are supposed to give their names), the ACS did visit Morillo's family, but saw "no solid evidence of abuse." Still, after the ACS visit, Acevedo said that Morillo's stepfather, Paul Jimenez (who was charged with little Sharllene's death), and his family called her cellphone and threatened her.

The ACS was overhauled after two incidents where children died in homes where abuse was reported, but with this case, it's unclear how much is really getting done. One problem that has plagued the ACS is big caseloads as there aren't enough people to handle all the abuse claims. A thorough investigation is being conducted.