Kenneth Moreno, the former NYPD officer who was acquitted of raping a woman in her East Village apartment but was convicted of misconduct, is contemplating filing a civil suit against New York City and HBO. "It's a civil-rights action," attorney Eric Sanders tells the Post. Moreno, who admitted under oath to spooning with and singing a Bon Jovi song to the woman he was accused of raping, and whose attorney compared a woman's vagina to a venus fly trap, feels aggrieved by his ordeal and that the prosecution planted evidence.

Sanders tells the paper that Moreno is focused on a red Bic lighter the Manhattan DA's office said that they found underneath the victim's bed. "They claimed the lighter was Moreno's and his DNA was on it but none of that is true," the lawyer says. "He doesn't even smoke."

Shortly after the jury reached the verdict, Moreno and his partner, Kenneth Mata, were fired by the NYPD. Moreno also lost his pension. This fall he was contemplating a career as an x-ray technician.