Right-wing gadfly James O'Keefe's recent attempts at gotcha citizen journalism—such as allegedly bugging the phones in Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu's office and trying to lure a CNN reporter onto his dildo lube boat—have not gone so well, so it's nice to see him finally pull off a successful follow-up to his hit video that purported to show ACORN employees giving tax advice to a prostitute. O'Keefe's target this time is a group of teachers gathered for what seems to be a booze-fueled union conference at a Hilton. The hidden camera opus is called "Teachers Gone Wild" and it makes the educators seem like dumb inebriated lizards cavorting in a reptile zoo. On the plus side, none of them expose their chests.

At one point, a teacher gloats, "Ha ha, we're playing video games on their dime! Screw you!" Another declares that once a teacher gets tenure, they basically "have to be in the hall fucking somebody" to get fired. And at the 1:45 mark there's a really weird anti-Governor Christie chant, which concludes with a promise to "kick him in the tool box." Then another unidentified man says about the Governor, "Everyone wants to take the guy out, one way or another." (This is a little chilling because this union, the New Jersey Education Association, sent out a memo in April praying for the Governor's death.)

NJEA spokesman Steve Baker tells NJ.com that O'Keefe is "completely and utterly discredited" and that the video is "James O’Keefe and that’s all you need to know."