According to Bx10 driver Rosario Aristy, the passenger who threw a caustic liquid at his face as he was exiting the bus had these parting words: "I'm sorry but I have to do this." But as he lies in the burn unit at Jacobi Hospital, investigators are questioning his version of the story.

Aristy said he and the passenger were having a friendly chat about the bus schedules when the man, described as in his early-20s and wearing a Derek Jeter windbreaker, opened his water bottle and threw the liquid on Aristy's face. Aristy said he chased the man down the street, and now feels lucky his injuries weren't worse. However, last week Aristy was hit with a cell phone violation, which could lead to his suspension or termination. Is he looking for a way out? If so, it seems pretty hardcore to fake acid burns. Let's just give him the benefit of the doubt and his 60 days.