DSK isn't the only person getting charges against them dropped this week. DNAinfo today has the heartening story of how one persistent man was able to prove that his brother did not in fact kill a homeless man in Union Square with a bike lock earlier this summer. Though witnesses had sworn that 29-year-old Keenan Bryce was the one who threw the lock at homeless man Stanley Novak early on the morning of July 8, Bryce's brother was able to prove them wrong.

Nobody is disputing that Bryce is a troubled man and he certainly appeared that way at his arraignment, at which he reportedly screamed at everyone he could, including the lawyer assigned to represent him. But one of the things he kept yelling turned out to be true: The 6'2", 220 pound man was in New Jersey at the time that Stanley Novak was killed.

While another man was hurling a bike lock at Novak's head, Keenan Bryce was trying to leave his brother's house in Sayreville, New Jersey. And after doing some leg work Robert Bryce, Keenan's brother, was able to find phone records of his brother calling him in New Jersey, video evidence of him getting on a bus (without the full fare, or a shirt) minutes after the murder, and Western Union records that showed he was in Times Square before wandering down to Union Square around 7 a.m., at which point he was picked up by the police. Score for justice! Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is expected to sign a Recommendation for Dismissal today. Meanwhile police are back to square one in the search for the whoever killed Stanley Novak.