The Ivanka Trump enthusiast who was accused of stalking The Donald's daughter, and was recently declared a fugitive, was apprehended in L.A. yesterday. Justin Massler, aka Cloud Starchaser, was arrested for missing several court dates in NY for the stalking charges; Hollywood police were allegedly aided by bounty hunters employed by Massler's celebrity Manhattan bail bondsman, Ira Judelson, in tracking him down.

And the Post seems to be quite relieved—according to their anonymous source, Massler had begun ramping up communications with Trump and her associates/friends in the past weeks. "I think he's basically reached out to everyone on the masthead at the Observer," the source told them, adding that he had contacted at least three of Trump's female friends, including Wendi Murdoch, wife of News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, and Trump's two brothers (but not Trump himself).

Last wee, we spoke to Massler, who told us he was a "fake stalker" who only missed his court dates because he was "real low on cash" and had lost his I.D./couldn't fly. Furthermore, he explained to us that he viewed his alleged "stalking" as performance art, and he thought he was being particularly hounded because part of his act included "writing that I was like the Jewish Messiah." He also passed along some videos he made in the past few days, which touch upon his belief that "this is all like a game of make believe, and I'm just tired of adults taking the world so seriously. I don't see the need to be so serious all the time."