Early this morning, the three police officers facing charges related to allegations that they beat and sodomized a man on a subway platform turned themselves in to the Brooklyn DA's office. The three will be arraigned this afternoon. DA Charles Hynes detailed the indictments against the cops: Police Officer Richard Kern was indicted on charges including "aggravated sexual abuse in the first degree, assault in the first degree, and hindering an investigation" while "Andrew Morales and Alex Cruz were also charged with hindering the investigation."

While the NYPD initially denied 24-year-old Michael Mineo's claims that he was assaulted at the Prospect Park subway station in October, the grand jury decided there was enough evidence to indict Kern, Cruz and Morales. A transit cop also backed Mineo's story, saying he saw Kern put his baton on Mineo's buttocks. CityRoom reports that DA Hynes made sure to mention how the 1992 Mollen Commission's recommendations about investigating police corruption were enacted and added, "In a real sense, Police Commissioners Kelly’s commitment is one reason we can announce the action of the Kings County grand jury this morning."

As for the suspects, Kern's lawyer said, "We don't know what the people's proof is, but as far as I'm concerned my client is not guilty," and Cruz's lawyer said, "He never observed any misconduct nor engaged in any misconduct."