After his picture was released by the police on Wednesday, the 3 train's suspected subway masturbator was arrested yesterday—by two cops who recognized him from the wanted posters. And guess how Kevin Bishop, 34, who has 64 prior arrests explained his actions? According to the court documents, he admitted to the police, "That's me in the pictures, my private parts fell out. I looked down and it was out, it just popped out. I was trying to put it back... I deeply apologize for what happened. I do admit the whole truth." He is being held on $1,500 bail. Administrative assistant Celeana White had taken a cellphone photograph, which detectives say is one of the best ever (quality-wise, we guess) cellphone pictures given to them. As for White's claim that a cop told her a subway flashing wasn't a police matter and suggested she call 311 instead, the Post reports the cop "admitted she told the woman to call 311, but insists she really meant to say 911" (according to Post sources).