Prosecutors say the man accused of killing a Windsor Terrace dry cleaning owner last year poured ammonia on his victim's neck after he strangled her to burn off fingerprints and DNA. But he left the bottle of ammonia behind in the store, providing investigators with a crucial fingerprint. Yesterday Supreme Court jurors began hearing evidence against Jamal Winter, who's charged with murdering beloved shop owner Kyong-Sook Woo, a 62-year-old grandmother, on May 15, 2008. Winter was in violation of parole at the time of the murder, but was on the streets because of a justice system failure.

The murder rocked the quiet Windsor Terrace neighborhood, and customers of Eden Dry Cleaners at 10th Avenue and Windsor Place created a make-shift memorial out of candles and flowers outside the shop. Winter allegedly stole Woo's car, but left her purse on the counter and forgot the bottle of ammonia because he was "spooked" when a customer entered. (Posing as an employee, Winter allegedly told the man the store was closed.)

In opening statements yesterday, prosecutor Timothy Gough told jurors, "The neck, the back of the neck, parts of the face and the shoulder exhibited chemical burns." He also argued that the chemical burns were consistent with ammonia and were "exactly" where the killer's hands were placed, the Daily News reports.