Yesterday, it was revealed that Brooklyn resident William Thomas was arrested for promoting prostitution, allegedly running a prostitution ring offering Asian women to rich clients at four Manhattan locations. The Post and Daily News both caught Thomas strolling his baby around Fort Greene (he lives on Fulton). One resident said Thomas was a regular in Culyer Gore Park, "He comes every morning at 7 or 8 with the baby. He does exercises." Thomas has other children, including an 11th-grader from a previous marriage. The teen reacted to his father's situation on Twitter, "pretty surreal to hear your dad's name on the news in connection to a massive prostitution ring bust. had to happen eventually i guess #meh"

As Daily Intel pointed out, it's totally normal for a teen to take to Twitter: "'hey look my dad's in the news!' the kid wrote last night, linking to a story of the elder Thomas's arrest. 'awesome dad! way to make the thomas family proud.' Then he tweeted about the debate and Monday Night Football." (Earlier, he had Tweeted, "reddit is down and i dont know what to do with myself") He also told followers, "my dad is the upcoming story on nbc news if anyone wants to watch..."—one replied, "did he get busted?" and the teen said, "oh yeah." The friend asked, "disappointing, what will you do for your 18th birthday now" and the son replied, "idk ill have to improvise"

According to the Post, Thomas "once led a typical, middle-class life with then-first wife, Susan, and their two sons in Somerset County, NJ, friends said. He made a good living working as an IT specialist at the tech firm Compuware." A source said, "He was very successful. There was no need for him to go into the business he did." However, now Thomas's personal life is really complicated:

It’s unclear if Thomas left his IT job or was fired. In 2006, Susan divorced him, records show. She declined to comment on the arrest of her ex — who, according to records, is more than $100,000 behind in child-support payments.

Around the same time as the divorce, he began dating a Chinese woman in New York City.

But the relationship soured in a battle over a wedding ring, and in 2007, Thomas married his second wife, So Young, a half-Korean stunner who allegedly had connections that Thomas needed for his illicit new venture, a source said.

He divorced Young in March after the pair had a daughter, now 3 — and he had taken up with his current flame, a Japanese woman, one source said.

Young moved out of the country last year, the source said, leaving him to care for the child.

Thomas' websites showing Asian women allegedly touted "GFE"—girlfriend experiences—and "F/S"—full sex. An undercover cop posed as a customer and was offered a Korean woman who said he had to wear a condom during sex. Thomas and two other women were arrested.