2007_07_poopooplatter.jpgOkay, this might be the official nadir of the Governor Eliot Spitzer-Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno fight. The Post exclusively reports that a furious Spitzer called Bruno an "old, senile piece of s---t". Swear words and ageism!

Spitzer had offered to make peace with Bruno after a week of various accusations and recriminations, but Bruno refused, so Spitzer allegedly used colorful language to describe Bruno while speaking with another Republican senator. From the Post:

"I found the comment offensive, and it certainly doesn't do anything to engender good will or an ability to translate issues into results," the senator, who demanded anonymity for fear of retaliation by Spitzer and his allies, told The Post.

"I let the governor know quite clearly that I found the comments offensive and not suitable for a chief executive to be talking to anybody like that," the senator added.

Spitzer's spokesman Darren Dopp, who has been working overtime dealing with this incident, denies that Spitzer made the remark, telling the Post, "All of his [Spitzer's] calls to senators were affirmative. In fact, he specifically told them that he had not and would not make personal attacks on Senator Bruno, no matter what the senator was saying about him."

And the funny thing is that now Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver is left to play peacemaker! He told the Daily News, "I'm trying to bring us all together to accomplish results. So far, there have been too many outside issues raised that have prevented us from talking about substance." True - the AP's lede in a story about the wrathful dispute reads, "Remember when Albany was just dysfunctional, instead of like an episode of "COPS"?" (Sigh, yes.)

Spitzer has used salty language before: He told Republican Assemblyman James Tedisco, "Listen, I'm a f---ing steamroller, and I'll roll over you and anybody else!"

Image of the Poo Poo Platter, perfect for Albany's off season