2008_11_patchogue2.jpgAnother attack this week against two Hispanic man in the town of Patchogue in Suffolk County has been chalked up to local teens--possibly ones connected to "The Caucasian Crew," the gang arrested in conjunction with the murder of Ecuadorian Marcelo Lucero. Luis Pichu and Carlos Banegas (a friend of Lucero's from Ecuador) were surrounded by a group of teens Tuesday night, some with skinhead haircuts, who yelled that they wanted "to kill everybody, all Spanish people." And yet another man has come forward and accused two of the members of the group that was arrested in Lucero's attack and murder as being the assailants when he was allegedly beaten badly while riding home on a bicycle last fall. "These people are still out there - they're still hunting," Marcelo's brother Joselo Lucero told the Post.