According to Foxy Brown's lawyer, Arlene Raymond—the woman who the rapper beat with a Blackberry in 2007 and verbally assaulted this week—is jealous of the 30-year-old rapper. The NY Post reports that Foxy has a gig coming up at B.B. King's in Times Square, and her lawyer says, "That is what we think this is about, people kind of jealous and hating." Foxy had been walking to her car to head to rehearsal for the show on Wednesday when the incident occurred.

Foxy's camp says she was minding her own business and "has never been more focused," but Raymond claims the rapper called her a "dirty bitch" and then pulled up her skirt and mooned her while yelling "kiss my ass"! What does Foxy's lawyer have to say about that? "Foxy [pictured] would never lift her dress, not in a million years." It's true, only classy ladies get charged with Class E felonies.

Since Raymond has a restraining order against Foxy, she has been charged with a Class E felony of violating the order of protection. Yesterday she was arraigned at Brooklyn Supreme Court, pleading not guilty, and is now released after posting bail.