2006_08_doubleyellow.jpgLast night, a woman was hit and killed by a car on Utica Avenue in Flatlands. The driver, who had a Nissan Maxima with temporary plates, did get out of the car and saw the victim, but then soon left. Some witnesses tried unsuccessfully to follow the driver, and a photographer for the NY Post was actually on the scene. William C. Lopez said the victim had been crossing against the light and seemed oblivious to the traffic: "She was on the double yellow line.I noticed a blank expression on her face and said to my passengers, 'This woman is going to get killed.' I heard a loud thud the very instant that I finished that sentence."

And in Williamsburg, a van hit a 10 year old girl who was riding her bike at Scholes and Leonard Streets. The Post says Natasha Ayala had "darted out from behind a parked car when she was hit." She was taken to Bellevue; the van's driver stayed at the scene to help.